We hired Lisa at Born and Bred on the recommendation of a friend who had been through a similar project, to renovate kids bedrooms. I had never worked with an interior designer before, and this was a great introduction. Lisa was great, she took time to talk to the kids and take a briefing, she interpreted the briefs really well, and executed beautifully. She took a great amount of time and trouble, and personally delivered very detailed and thought-through schematic. She responded quickly and sensibly to my many questions. The kids were totally thrilled and delighted with their transformed rooms!




We hired Lisa to help us with the redesign of our front room which we were turning into a 'Den'. 
On meeting Lisa for the first time it was immediately apparent that she understood what we were trying to do. She was able to help us prioritise the important aspects of the room and also make us focus on the look that we wanted to achieve. 
She worked with the builder and other suppliers to ensure that everything was delivered on time and to budget. In fact, the transparent way that she operates with budgets is so refreshing. She is always available to explain costs before they are tied down which allows 'first timers' like myself the wiggle room to change my mind! 
Personally, my delight in hiring Lisa was that I was able to trust her to 'finish' the room. Whilst I love looking at the big picture such as paint colours and flooring, her attention to detail and ability to add the perfect touches (quirky, individual and personal to us) was simply wonderful! 

Louise & ryan



There is so much to commend Born and Bred Studio that it’s difficult to know where to start. Lisa lives and breathes design, it’s not so much a passion or an expertise but a true vocation. For novices like myself, she manages to make interior design accessible, affordable and user friendly. She listened intently and worked hard to understand the practical needs of our house and also our aspirations for the space which was nothing more than shell, practically untouched for 60 years. She took on board our ideas, improved them - often suggesting something different that we would never have originally considered - and delivered plans that have far surpassed our expectations. Crucially, Lisa isn’t just an ideas person. She has many practical skills from upholstery and curtain making to screen printing which she put to good use in the house. She is also an absolute magpie and never failed to amaze us the her ebay, gumtree and car boot sale finds. This was not only gentle on our budget but has resulted in a house that’s not ubiquitous and that is now really starting to feel like home.




Lisa has been brilliant to work with. We knew what we liked but not how to recreate it on a budget and in our own home. Lisa was able to bridge the gap from the idea on the tip of my brain to a coherent design and shopping list.

She very much incorporated our ideas and special requirements into two beautifully designed bathroom. The service provided was exactly what we needed in that she was able to craft a design around the hodge podge of items that we already owned to create something beautiful, stylish and quite timeless (in less than 2 weeks!). We were given choices between very expensive and cheaper items so that we could stretch or constrain our budget as required. 

We are looking forward to Lisa helping us with the rest of the ground floor as our renovation progresses.







Lisa redecorated the bedrooms of my twin daughters and was an absolute professional and very approachable. Her recommendations where spot on and the result was excellent. Each room has special details and touches that are beautifully thought through and showed that she listened and got a real sense of what would work for us. The girls love their rooms which is the best result!

We hired Born & Bred to design our four bedroom home on a tight timeframe of three months (new baby on way). Lisa did an incredible job working at a fast pace, to understand our style and source the necessary pieces to execute on our vision for the house. Lisa is a pleasure to work with, our personalities jived and she gets things done. It made decorating the house that much easier. 

Lisa excelled at the following points, which made our experience great. 

1) Professionalism - Above all, Lisa is a true professional and I believe this is the core to a positive working relationship. She showed up to meetings on time, met deadlines, kept us informed of deliveries, and problem solved any issues that came up (without making us feel like it was an issue). 

We also appreciated that she would be understanding (and didn't take it personally!) when we didn't like some of the items she presented to us. Designers can sometimes be too pushy when it's not your taste, but instead, she would listen to our feedback, and come back with an alternative appropriate solution that worked for us.

2) Presented a Range of Price Options - I liked that Lisa always had various pricing options for similar items. She never assumed our price range for an item and was mindful in presenting ways we could save money. She also would bargain hunt and spontaneously send us items she would see on sale while out. 

3) Designed bespoke furniture - I wanted an upholstered ottoman for our family room which I saw online at Restoration Hardware (RH not sold in the UK). She scoped the design and had it custom made, for less than what it would have cost to buy it. She also advised us to go with a bigger size to fit our room (which I could not see working) and now its our favorite piece we purchased. Its perfect material & size for for our kids!

4) Kids Rooms - My kids rooms are impeccable, from wallpaper, to beds to decorative items that pull it all together. She specializes in this area so if you're looking for kids / family space design, Born & Bred does a fantastic job.

5) Contract Work - The external contractors she referred were excellent. Very happy with the quality and time of the work completed.

Overall, highly recommend to hire!