PLAYING IT COOL...Darcey Mabel, 8 years OLD

We asked Darcey,to give us the low down on her new bedroom and her favourite places in London town.


  1. What did your old bedroom look like? mmm cream I think...I can't remember but there definitely wasn't any pink.
  2. What do you love about your new room? I love my curtains and my new lamp. It's so cute and I hate being in the dark.

  3. Is your little brother allowed in? Sometimes when I feel like it but definitely not when my friends are over.

  4. Your earliest memory? I remember driving in my pink Mini car to the park with dad in the evening

  5. Favourite place to hang out in London? I love the history museum and would love to go to the Aquarium

  6. Favourite place to eat in London? Wagamama (Mama was so relieved she didn't say McDonald's!) 

  7. What do you want to be when you finish school? I want to be an author and write children's chapter books

  8. Who swears more mum or dad? Daddy cos when he's driving he gets very cross

  9. If the house was burning down what three things would you save *(excluding your parents obviously!)? I would save Betty (teddy), my chapter books and my clothes

  10. Staying in or going out? I like both. I like playing on the iPad or reading books at home and playing tennis or riding my bike at the park

  11. Oyster or Parent Taxi? Whats an Oyster? Train because you don't have to wear seat belts

  12. Friday night or Sunday morning? Sunday morning because you don't need to get up early and rush to school

  13. Three words to describe yourself… Active, Adventurous, Exotic

  14. Three words to describe your new room… Pink, Pretty, Perfect