We asked James, 4 to give us the low down on his new bedroom and his favourite places in London town.

  1. What did your old bedroom look like? It had scribbles on the wall i did when I was a baby.

  2. What do your love about your new room? My bed and my cowboy wallpaper and my book shelf. 

  3. Is your big sister allowed in? Yeah

  4. Who is your best friend? Thomas and Darcey because they do nice things. They do dress up nicely.

  5. What makes you happy? When I go on the happy face at nursery (reward chart) and mummy and dada because they does good manners

  6. What scares you? Dinosaurs because I don't like the skeleton ones. And lava because I don't like the lava running down.

  7. What’s your favourite food? Pasta and noodles

  8. How old are mum and dad? Mummy is 34 and I don't know about dad

  9. Why do people fight? Because there's bad guys in the dark side

  10. What’s your favourite toy and why? Transformers because I like them but when I was 3 I didn't like them

  11. How would you describe your room? It has got loads of horses and loads of cowboys. It is cool.