Children these days….yes tick, I am officially old. And whilst children these days are luckier then the last generation there is one common theme of any child’s Christmas. The delight of opening a beautifully wrapped present. It doesn't matter if its a satsuma or an iPhone (ok lie) but the anticipation of something just for me that I can temporarily handle with least until its ripped open!

Aside from friends, family and food and the your personal families rituals. Christmas really is for the children. And whilst you cannot control the inevitable pile of plastic, piles of clothes that will probably not fit until next xmas and copious chocolate selection boxes…you can be selective in your choices for your kids bedrooms. 

I’m not talking sensible here…lets just call them ‘house gifts’ which your child will love! Do you catch my drift? The perfect opportunity to buy some kids interior products that will last way past Christmas and add at a minimum an aesthetic to a kids space. I have also added in a few cool kids indie clothes brands … because well when I’m not spending my money on my kiddo’s interiors…its his wardrobe (which yes…is way better then mine!).

Happy Shopping!

  1. The coolest money box on the market. Made in the UK. Beautifully designed and a great place to stash any Christmas money as well as teaching your little person on the merits of saving a penny or two. Boo & Mimi

  2. Its expensive…yes it is! But so is a games console. And this baby will be around for years to come. Aside from a beautiful bed it would also be great as a day bed for a playroom. From my number one go to bricks & mortar stores Molly Meg.

  3. These beautiful cards by Three Penny for Lobella Loves are beautifully designed have an inspirational message and aside from being educational would look great on a shelf or framed. The perfect stocking filler.

  4. These beautiful balance bikes by Banwood available at Mini Maison are the ultimate xmas day unveiling. The thing John Lewis adverts are made for… cue cute kid hugging parents and ridding off in his/her racing green stylish bike with matching helmet. (ok we know the truth…but this is the standard we are meant to live up to according to the ads!)

  5. I have just used these beautiful metal ledges in a project. Makes a welcome change from the Ikea version…and you can also use as a little magnetic ledge for attaching photos or moments. Available at Beyond The Stork.

  6. The ever so stylish Teepees not quite the Wendy house of the eighties. Super stylish, fun and easy to store away. Some great options at The Modern Nursery 

  7. I love the simplicity of Mini Learners prints. Super fun and the perfect gift..again and again!

  8. Stylish storage solutions are the holy grail of any kids space. These are the ultimate… super cool, practical, beautiful colours and a matt finish. You will have them for years and can be used in any room in the house. LOVE! Shop Mustard Made

  9. Monty & Co a British designed and made childrens clothing brand. Celebrating childhood with an emphasis on workwear styles for kids. Super cool… and this boiler suit is not only practical for the serious pursuits of rough and tumble but has serious style credentials !

  10. Your winning if your child isn’t sporting a dinosaur back pack…or anything licensed (read brain washing). This is a great stylish option for all the cool kids comes in two sizes. Smug is a beautiful bricks and mortar store if your in islington and Molly Meg above is just down the Essex Road. Stunning, inspiring shops!

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