We asked Catrin, 13 to give us the low down on his new bedroom and her favourite places in London town.

  1. What did your old bedroom look like? I can't remember.  It was messy and a bit pinky with wallpaper with dots.
  2. What do you love about your new room? It's all colour coordinated and organised and pretty.  I love the bear table and I like the lights (the arrow and the string).  I also like the set of drawers.  And some things were handmade (animal jars)
  3. Has it changed how you feel when you are there? It's cosier and more personal.
  4. Your earliest memory? Celebrating my 3rd birthday at Mallorees (preschool).  We had a fake cake and pretended to blow the fake candle.
  5. Favourite holiday and why? Mexico.  Because the food was good and the weather was nice.  And because there was lots to do.
  6. Favourite place to hang out in LondonWestfield Shepherds Bush
  7. Favourite place to eat in London or food?   Honest Burger
  8. What do you want to be when you finish school?  I don't know.  I used to want to be pet shop owner when I was little.
  9. Whose the easiest parent to butter up, mum or dad?   Dad
  10. If the house was burning down what three things would you save *(excluding your parents obviously!) Trixie (the cat), my iPhone, buddy (my soft toy)
  11. Friday night or Sunday morning? Friday night
  12. Oyster or parent taxi? Oyster
  13. Favorite social media platform? Snapchat
  14. Three words to describe yourself… sporty, confident, cuddly
  15. Three words to describe your new room…  pretty, cosy, amazing