Musings oN Motherhood...One Year in...

Not only have I given birth to a new business this year but also a human. My son turned one this month and I thought I'd share my musings... 

Things I've learnt this past year.

  • Miracles do happen.
  • There is nothing you can't do alone (but if someone offers you help bite their hand off)
  • I disappeared for a few months... but I came back
  • True love has no words.
  • Family is everything no matter how big or small.
  • A blood line is not necessary to be part of a family. (sister from another from another mother!).
  • To be a parent isn't just the giving birth it's every day and night after. Respect to all the step parents, and those special people who adopt and foster. And those mamas and papas doing it solo. 
  • Parenting is really an exercise in learning to be completely selfless and discovering levels of compassion you never knew you had. 
  • You do (trust me) turn into 'that' stereotype fighting it is fruitless.
  • I have become an emotional fool.
  • Talk to strangers (just don't tell your kids to)
  • Nothing lasts forever ... embrace even the most difficult days... you'll weirdly remember them fondly.
  • Learn to say YES to the new...whatever that maybe. Stagency is never on anyone's wish list.
  • Write a letter not an email. It really will make someone's day.
  • Use sunscreen on your hands even in winter (buggy trotters)
  • Your pre baby boobs were amazing you'll miss them
  • Your bodies the most amazing machine you'll ever encounter.. listen to it.
  • Motherhood is cool but ... I first and foremost will always be the person I was before the urchin arrived.
  • Invest in yourself.
  • Wine is your friend. As is chocolate & Netflix (especially in the early days!). 
  • Time really does fly.
  • Express gratitude ... your incredibly fortunate.
  • Express gratitude ... your incredibly fortunate. 
  • Express gratitude ... your incredibly fortunate. 

(Did I mention I'm an emotional fool).

Happy Mothers Day.