We asked Arthur, 4 to give us the low down on his new bedroom and other stuff.

  1. What did your old bedroom look like? Don't know I was a little baby then.

  2. What do your love about your new room? My bed because its so cool! I stick stickers on it but mummy takes them off?

  3. Is your little sister allowed in? Yeah only if she plays diggers with me... she messes my games up.

  4. Who is your best friend? Leon..I love going for play dates at his house. I like his mummy Aud.

  5. What makes you happy? Friday chocolate treats and stone pizza and Paddington the movie.

  6. What scares you? The baddie in Paddington she's really scary.

  7. What’s your favourite food? Chicken and chippys from Manos Resturant

  8. How old are mum and dad? Really old. Mummy is 21 I think she said and dad is 25 (?)

  9. Why do people fight? Because sometimes you get really angry but you always should say sorry though.

  10. What’s your favourite toy and why? My Eurostar train set.. it goes to Paris in France not just Paddington you know.

  11. How would you describe your room? It has lots of toys and a cool bed. And a drawing on the wallpaper that won't come off.