Nursery & Kids Trends - The Monochrome Nursery... the staple updated.

So Monochrome in nurseries and childrens rooms is a firm staple now. Not so much a trend but a given. The popular choice has mass appeal for several reasons. 

1. Its gender neutral, important (to some) when planning a nursery scheme if you do not know the sex of your little dot. However I have only met two people in the last five years who do not know the sex of the dot (its one of the few surprises in life but our obsession with the instant does take the romance out of occasions...I digress). Or you just set on a colourless neutral,  particularly useful when sharing a room with siblings.

2. Its tasteful and is likely to fit with the remainder of your house.

3. You are just not ready to embrace the primary colours of the inevitable pile of plastic which will accumulate weather its a practical baby bath or a Vi-tech battery operated headache inducing piece of 'interactive' plastic.

4.  Its the perfect backdrop for all of the above. Yes children have alot of toot, but most of it is beautiful and worthy of display. (don't forget this point!)

4. Its easy to put together... (or is it?)

See thats the thing with Monochrome kids rooms. Yes its easy to find black and white pieces everywhere from Ikea to Conran but it can look harsh and cheap due to its graphic unforgiving nature. And with all the high street players taking an interest and mass producing 'the look' it can easily loose its cool scandi vibe. 

So to update the look its all about the the introduction of less severe elements. My top tip to modernise the look would be to introduce soft pale woods...even better if you can add a few vintage pieces. Something with a patina that has chips and clear evidence of a past life. Add textile with a surface texture. Wool blankets over cotton bedspreads. A highlight (try neon yellow) in a painted ledge, mobile or toy display. This should ensure you have an authentic scheme instead of a contrived mass produced shop front.

So there you have it your tools to go fourth and rock the Monochrome trend. I'd love to see your projects ... please share via Instagram. Some Monochrome Born & Bred Inspiration here.