Born & Bred Studio Extensions 1

So our weekly popular Pin series has failed at the first hurdle. WHY? Because there has been a non mover in the Pinterest charts. Extensions are top of the list and according to my stats I don't think this is likely to change. We are a nation of dreamers and planners and I still blame it all on the sun coming out! Did anyone venture out to a DIY store yesterday? Sunday thirty minutes before closing the car park was grid locked. With people.. plant, paint or fuel purchasing. Obviously by the time you got home the sun had gone in you'd worked like a slave...a few ticks off the list (or WTF have I started here then). Meanwhile your Brazilian neighbours are BBQ fillet steak, merry and have caught the sun.  The English...just wait until bank holiday weekend!

So as this weeks/months theme is most definitely extending we are featuring the pins that we love from our board. Just a little extension eye candy. 

Cheaper than fillet steak (but less enjoyable) and less hassle then an extension...looking at them! Peruse our top pins and more extension inspiration here

Born & Bred Studio Extensions 2
Born & Bred Studio Extensions 3
Born & Bred Studio Extensions 4
Born & Bred Studio Extensions 5
Born & Bred Studio Extensions 6
Born & Bred Studio Extensions 6