The Sunday Classics: Heals Top 100

“If in doubt, Innovate” Ambrose Heals

This week saw the launch of iconic British retailer Heal's top 100. The carefully curated selection of the top 100 iconic pieces that have sold in Heal's over the last century. Magnus England spent time researching the extensive Heals archive in-house and at the archives new home at the V&A. His genuine enthusiasm for the love of the brand and the initial ethos of Ambrose Heal to always innovate is evident in his story telling in this brief clip. Heals (like Liberty) were originally a destination for those lovers of the Arts & Crafts movement but later went on to cater for all trends and styles as fashions dictated. Its transformation of the brand and flag ship store over the last ten years to its roots of honouring its British heritage makes the brand truly unique. Wether its imstore shopping, press or attending the many collaborative talks at Heals the staff and customers have a real love and passion for the brand. Through Heals Discovers there is a true feeling and understanding of appreciating new talent and honouring people who have incredible skills in design and craftsmanship. All of which will be future classics no doubt.

I'm really looking forward to visiting the Tottenham Court Road exhibition which is on until 11th June viewing a mix of new and archive pieces. And pondering what a joy it must have been for Magnus England to research the archives and come up with his definitive Heals 100!

The overall winner ... The cooks table with marble top. A few pictures of our favourite pieces.

On a separate note we are pleased our project has been featured on the Heal's Website…take a look.