Born in 1959 in London Jasper Morrison doesn’t just think out of the box with his furniture and designs, he throws the box away and sometimes even uses it when least expected. Morrison designs are for the modern age, appreciating quality workmanship as well as production for a larger, still discerning, consumer who has more ideas on what is seen cool, trendy or just right for his or her space than ever before. His work is seen as made for the few, but in the end it is many who want it.

From seating to dining, from quirky, practical accessories to unusual architectural pieces, concepts and designs, Jasper Morrison is fresh, clean and practical. Jasper Morrison is not just one piece or a few pieces, his design can be an entire home or office. His pieces and design are instantly recognisable, and it not just modern plastics and metallic he uses as one may automatically assume because he is modern.


Jasper Morrison furniture and inspired design is alive and colourful and its form and function are perfect for a modern lifestyle. Simplicity and practicality are two “watch words” that could describe Morrison as he aims to produce understated, useful and responsible designs. He takes the familiar and makes it unusual, playing with shape and form but never losing the purpose. 

Working with artists and other designers, many Jasper Morrison pieces are a collaboration of ideas coming together and yet the finished product or design is instinctively Morrison. His work has been elevated to cult status and has earned its place within the homes of the rich and famous as well as the family down the street. Every piece Morrison designs could so easily be plain or hum-drum, but with his industrial design he makes hard core yet subtle changes in shape, texture or flow and makes the usual unusual.


Even the most classical of interior designs with soft cushions, overflowing couches and inherited, heavy dining room tables can be changed with the inclusion of something from Morrison. A small touch, that could so easily seem out of place alters the design subtly while radically, disrupting the design in such a way that only Morrison can achieve.

For Morrison to make a space work a small dose of bravery is required, with his furniture and design there is no such thing as “cannot” or “will not” work. It doesn’t work; it ends what was and begins what is. Jasper Morrison has something that few designers, past of present, have, and his furniture, concepts and design always produce results on the amazing side of the unexpected making any room or space something brilliant. 

It is not about if it will work or could it work, but with Jasper Morrison, it is about the end result that works in its own way.  People have every right to almost fear Morrison when he is asked to design, but it is a healthy fear, a fear of just how amazing the result really will be, knowing full well it will be better than ever imagined. Critics have had their say with Jasper Morrison but his design is what it is and always will be… sheer genius!