Ok part deux of the Living Etc home tours 2018...lets keep snooping!

4.  Quirky Terrace

This quirky terrace is tardis like. It just a house that keeps giving. The use of space in a regular(ish) size end of terrace was amazing. The garden kitchen and summer house area had everyone gasping as did the Jesus neon!. The family room had two beautiful kids rooms. One of which had a mezzanine type level into the original loft. As a child (or adult) you could have so much fun ... creating magical memories. The house has lots of cool vintage finds and personality. . The casual end of the living room is home to lots of taxidermy , vinyl and original finds. And downstairs there is a super slick bar, dining area complete with Tracey Emen neon, spare bedroom and bathroom ... oh and vaulted basement wine cellar. It’s safe to say if you were a guest you’d never leave... unless it was straight to the Priory! 

My favourite bits...

1. Jesus in the garden...

2. The garden summer house and outdoors kitchen. Really brings back memories of my recent trip to Tulum. (take me back!)

3. The imaginative children's room with the open loft area for mezzanine adventures or storage!

4. The shower in the hallway nook under the skylight. And the hallway gallery wall.

5. The surprise of the super modern slick basement entertaining area... and crash pad for when the party ends.

5.  Double Fronted Emporium

This beautiful town house has been featured in numerous publications over the last few months. The huge town house is owned by vintage emporium owner Pure White Lines Its a house brimming with vintage finds (as you’d expect)...some of which are for sale. I imagine it must be so difficult selling unique finds you have sourced. I don't think I would be very good at retailing vintage homewares...I'd want to keep it all!

The first floor is home to an open plan living space with a long cosy sofa, Timorous Beasties cushions and stunning convex vintage mirrors. . 
The bedroom is a show stopper with clusters of animal heads and a very grand bed. I really love the simple framed artwork next to the window that off sets all the drama .

The basement has a kitchen and separate dining room leading to a large garden. The pendant lighting is striking as is the large display cabinet... so practical for dinnerware. And the print is perfect .. “Live East Die Young” 

My favourite bits...(in brief)

1. The actual bones of the house...very similar to House 6. A huge house on four levels. The sort of space you would love to turn back in time and witness what went on in those four walls. 

2. The curation of the vintage finds inparticuar the large storage vessels in many shapes, styles and sizes.

3. The play on scale in each room. The bedroom is a great example. The over sized bed & animal head on the fireplace placed opposite the cluster of small skulls and fine non fussy art.

4.  The rooms are generally painted in darker shades but then house (particulary the back of the house) was incredibly light. The introduction of a vertical window in one of the landings is genius.

5.  Every room had a least three bottle of champagne in an ice bucket! Whats not to like!!


6.  Grand Victorian Terrace

The last house on the tour is quite bougie! The level of finish and style is to an extremely high standard. It actually looks and feels like a boutique hotel rather then a normal residential home. The owners eye is extremely sophisticated with a house full of top end finishes and products.
The film snippets on our Instagram highlight give a feel for the stylish house (go and check them out!) .
The master bedroom is super chic. The bed frame is stunning with integral side tables. The chalky green is such a relaxing colour. All of the rooms have artwork and beautiful photography. .
The kitchen & dining area are super luxe with floor to ceiling black flush units, a grand island. Abigail Ahern crystal chandeliers pendants hang over a super long custom made Lombok table. . 
The colour palette through out is dark greys with various lighter harder materials throughout. Like the exposed brick in the kitchen. The detail is so impressive... I mean look at the shadow gaps on the stairs ! 

My favourite bits...(in brief)

1. The external colour against the origonal brick...this really is setting the tone for whats behind the front door.

2.  The super dark hallway and small stairwell. Each leading to more sophisticated interior porn!

3. The master bedroom...all of it really. But I love the colour and the beautiful designer bed.

4.  The photography dotted all over the house. Most of the pieces are by the very talented Thomas Zanon Larcher.

5. The kitchen/dining area leading to a lovely terrace is just luxe perfection.

Oh so thats the highlights...super long post(s) but I personally wanted to document the day and all of the inspiration for future reference. I will definitely be implementing some of the above in my home and future projects.