It’s a bold statement but this maybe my favourite kiddies room to date. It’s aspirational but totally achievable (which is the best kinda interior btw). The plentiful vintage finds are the secret to this beauty, as is the colour palette.. sage green colour blocking with black highlights & raw wood details. And the sprinkling of Ikea hacks means we can all relate and potential have a go? Alan keys at the ready!

So...in a little more detail...

The client has a love for all things vintage always inspired by the story behind an object. Whether it be the actual objects history or the memories it evokes from how they came about owning the piece. Its evident around their home, so it only seemed natural the kids room would reflect all the love for vintage! Many of which were picked up on a memorable holiday or family day out.

Its the vintage finds that really are the star of the show. The colours and patina are not something that can be edited from our high street stores or Indies. Its also nice that they dictate the colour palette and the highlights. It feels so seamless which is odd as its not through deliberate curation as with vintage you pick up pieces as and when you see them. The individual items dictate the feel and palette.

There is no better example of 'buying things you love and it will all come together'. Finding the perfect vintage pieces cant be done over a weekend but if you pick up pieces that touch you as you see them, over time you'll see a pattern emerging. One that can be displayed and curated collectively.... a plan will come together !

So the vintage pieces where the starting point. Next came the colour with is such a soothing colour. A sage green. We colour blocked the whole room including all skirting, doors and architrave. Green on the bottom half and a soft white grey on the top half. It has worked really well as none of the natural light is absorbed by intense colour. Its also drawers your eye to this point and is at kiddie height as is most of the focus in the room. From coat hooks, book access or the little den under the bed. We then layered on an additional highlight colour of black in accessories, the bed and material highlights of raw wood.

The bed is the Ikea Kura (aka the upside down bed) pimped! This is an Ikea goody if your looking for a kids bed on a budget. And literally you can turn it upside down. So the bunk (as shown in the pic) is recommended for six years plus. But if you turn it around the mattress is near the floor..therefore more appropriate for smaller kiddies. The great thing about the bunk configuration is the 'den' underneath which is 200x90 (uk single bed size) and can house alot of toy boxes, books etc and if you add a mattress perfect for sleepovers or siblings sharing a room.

Our hack is super simple. We painted the bed in chalk board paint and made a black curtain for the den. So it even doubles up as a piece of artwork! We carried out the black highlights on the book ledges, coat hooks and accessories. The wall storage is the from the ikea xx modular range. By simply hanging the cupboard on the wall it creates the illusion of space (as you can still see the floor boards) and the toy boxes slot neatly underneath for easy access.

If your child is at Montosorri or you are familiar with their teachings you'll recognise this space in line with their principles. Essentially It's a space where everything is within a child's reach and designed to cater to and foster his/her personal growth. 

So in brief everything accessible at toddlers height, clutter free, providing a workspace for your toddler (ie floor space for reading and creative play), and a low level bed or mattress on the floor. (if your in the market for a floor bed...Mini Maison do a great option).

The official word from Maria Montessori said, "We must give the child an environment that he can utilize by himself: a little washstand of his own, a bureau with drawers he can open, objects of common use that he can operate, a small bed in which he can sleep at night under an attractive blanket he can fold and spread by himself. We must give him an environment in which he can live and play; then we will see him work all day with his hands and wait impatiently to undress himself and lay himself down on his own bed."

It a beautifully grounded scheme that isn't polished and will enhance this little boys life whilst reflecting the families taste and values. I look forwarded to visiting when the den is covered in artwork and hopefully I'll be invited in for a story or three!

Photo Credits: Anna Stathaki