We are so lucky to have numerous repeat customers. Repeat business is everything to a small business... obviously for the financial but also for personal relationships. You have done a great job and they want you back!!! Or ‘I’m not making an interior decision without you!’ As a client said to me recently! 

This is Arthur’s new room update. Arthur's origional room has been one of our most popular rooms on our social. Such a fun, bright and light space...but mainly FUN, FUN, FUN!

We have been asked back to update the room ... as someone?? scribbled on the walls, placed stickers all over the bed and you know... a little boys gotta grow up!

So we went back for an update. A new paint colour, wallpaper, curtains and bedding. It’s perfect for this little boy as he certainly isn’t a toddler anymore. He was actually telling me of his love for music ... aspires to play strings like Ed Sheeran and Shawn Mendes and thinks ... blushes, and mutters a certain singer is sexy ! 💔

Childhood... priceless... blink and you miss it !

A great example of getting the foundations right in a space is everything! Once these are laid down, you can adjust and change the superficial layers as and when needed for a very modest sum. 

And most importantly Arthur LOVES his new big boy bedroom!

Photo Credits: Anna Stathaki