This time last week Born & Bred Studio featured in the Interiors section of The Times. Along with Mark Griffiths of the amazing <a href="">Obsessilicious</a> we commented on the top pins trending right now. We are so thrilled to be be part of Claire Carponen's article and in great company with Mark from Obsessilicious. For your perusal… See the full article <a href="">here.</a>

<strong>The looks trending now on Pinterest</strong>

The image-sharing website is an inspiration gold mine. We asked two top pinners to give their thoughts on the key trends

The Pinterest website, where people upload and share images, is one of the handiest places to go when you are planning a project. Pinners — people who use Pinterest — save images by pinning them to their personal boards. Their tastes are diverse, but they have much in common, being practical and thrifty, as a list of the most repinned interiors pins given to Bricks & Mortar reveals. We asked two top pinners to give their thoughts on the key trends.

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<strong>Decorating with white:</strong> Can white look cosy? A picture of a living room in a period apartment in Copenhagen (see proves that it can. Everything is white — the walls, the lamp, the woodwork, the bookcase and the sofa —yet the room manages to avoid looking sterile, thanks to a chunky throw, a shaggy cream rug and coffee table made from blond wood. If you are going to go all white, Lisa Durkin, a top pinner on Pinterest (she has 159,848 followers) and owner of the interior design company Born and Bred Studio, has some advice. “White decoration is a safe option for those who want a clean, contemporary backdrop. However, this can lead to disappointment if your house isn’t filled with pieces that will make it look slick. If you’re going for the white look, stick to Scandinavian-influenced pieces as these do not date.”
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<strong>Fairy lights:</strong> An image of a bed with a canopy of net curtains draped in fairy lights has been repinned 3,780 times. If such lights make you think of student digs, it’s time to think again. Durkin says: “The beauty of fairy lights is they’re inexpensive and have no hefty electrician charges, making them perfect for renters.” The Original Starry String Lights in this image are made by Brightech. There are similar lights on silver wire by Light My Life for £7.99 (          
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<strong>Wood detailing:</strong> Another popular image is a bed with a headboard made from wooden pallets that cover the back walls and the ceiling (see Mark Griffiths, a graphic designer, top pinner (with 287,582 followers) and author of the blog Obsessilicious, explains the use of wood on walls: “It’s relatively cheap to do, makes an impact and will last for years.” Other uses include cladding a wall with reclaimed timber and slatted wood on the floor and on the ceiling.          
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<strong>Moody blue:</strong> One of the top interiors pins is an image of a room painted in inky blue. This trend has been around for a while, but its popularity on Pinterest suggests it might be about to go mainstream. Make sure you pick the right shade: there are many — from grey blue to midnight (almost black) blue — but it should look dramatic, not bright or jaunty. Griffiths says: “Dark jewel-like blues are an alternative to the black and charcoal tones of the past few years. They’re moody with added drama, depth and personality. They bring a sense of graphic opulence, which makes for a great backdrop for artwork, making it pop.”         
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<strong>Picture ledges:</strong> An image of a photo wall — framed photographs propped up on thin shelves — has been a huge hit on Pinterest. This is a simplified version of a gallery wall: it is easy to put up, you can change the layout whenever you like and you don’t have to frame every print. The image comes from the interiors and DIY blog Chris Loves Julia; thin picture ledges from Ikea (they are called Ribba and cost from £4.90) have been used so that the photographs appear to float. Durkin says: “These Ribba shelves are incredibly versatile. It’s an ever-changing gallery wall for those who get bored easily.”          

Claire Carponen          
The Times          
March 13th 2015