A little inspiration from the little people in our lifes. Some examples of our children's interiors. 

Born & Bred Studio Nursery Interior Design


From the little dot on the scan, to a place to nurse and bond. From first books and steps..a little space for you and your baby becomes a special space to get to know each other, develop your relationship and earn your stripes in feeding and routine. A nursery isn't just for baby its making space for you..as a duo as a family.

Some images to inspire your new project.

Born & Bred Studio Kids Interior Design


How did that happen? Where did the time go? Here we are together trying to answer all your questions 'but why' (thank god for google). Statisfiying your unsensational appetite for books, dress up, and plastic. We can't remember life without you or all your stuff!

Some images to inspire your new project.

Born & Bred Studio Children's  Interior Design


I will be soon making the transition to senior school. I've grown and changed, I have so many friends and I'm about to meet a new set of pals. I'm 'too big' and not interested in my infant stuff..I'm nearly a teenager.. I need cool!

Some images to inspire your new project.