Ok so its January 2nd 2018. The first official day into the new working year and I'm still receiving emails from (mainly) large retailers with Subject Header:  NEW YEAR, NEW YOU! They obviously go into the trash unopened. I have the urge to get a little deep here and go deep into my thoughts which at present revolve around...

1.  How the need to be constantly seen is going to impact our world?

2.  What is instant gratification going to do to the youth of today?

3. How much money are these TIRED retailers LOSING from sending such emails? And perhaps they should connect with what their consumer looks like today. And this has very little to do with age and more to do with attitude.

4.  How the buzz word of 2017 was 'authentic / authenticity is so overused..and at present I would like to banish it from the dictionary. I predict we will be hearing it again in 2018.

5. Why does the clock striking on a new year mean there is so much wrong with the person we are and the life we are living?

I will actually spare you from my elaborating on any of the above or the others thoughts queuing neatly behind the above the Victor Meldrew list. 

You are fine just the way you are, your doing ok. Things are so much better then they could be. You have achieved so much and you can do ANYTHING you want to. Don't judge others. Stay in your lane. Be nice, consider others first, before yourself,  Thank your body everyday for serving you well. Get the haircut, eat the chocolate, drink the wine...

Your welcome! I have saved you soooo much money on new gym gear, a kettle bell, quinoa, PT, expensive gratitude diary, yoga retreat to India, the wrinkle cream, that bag, the dating website...it goes on! Plan B, life coach....no wait thats soooo 2017!

Normal interiors chit chat will resume tomorrow. But until then celebrate the Old you (your alright!) Happy New Year...old you!