A town house in Soho's Dean Street was home to the Houzz of 2018. An event showcasing the coming trends for 2018. All shopable on the Houzz website. The house was beautifully designed and styled by interior design studio Run For The Hills. Each room showcased the best in brands from small indies to top end designers. These are our takeaways.....

1. Colour is back in the form of muted shades. Think dusted pinks, soft ocres, sage greens and putty and of course the Dulux Colour of the Year Heartwood featured in the beautifully tranquil bedroom.

2.  Kids rooms are something to be embraced and invested in. The kids room was an extension to the remainder of the house. No sign of primary colours or plastic (well not until the kids move in...right?). Natural materials played a big part think coir matting, natural woods like oak, these off set white items. Making the scheme look very premium. The use of pink paint & wallpaper feature really moved the eye from one focal point to the next. One of which the super fun bed and hopscotch rug.

3. Chrome ? Whats that? In every room chrome was no where to be seen. This may not be a particular surprise but it didn't feature in both the kitchen and the bathroom. All hardware in the bathroom was black hardware with a luxurious loft vibe. The use of critall style shower screen, marble walls and black hardware is stunning. The introduction of natural wood stool & bench soften the marble and black finishes as did the styling items of rattan, hand finished textiles and mix of textures in towels.

4. Dark or light interiors are on the way out. To put some context on this sweeping generalisation. Embrassing each room as a unique space. Celebrating colour and applying it in a sophisticated manor. In recent years the trend has been to fall into two camps  'the dark side' or Scandi white and bright. And whilst this is to be celebrated if its your style I feel a refreshing change to moving away from the darks, whites or grey and rethink whats your new neutral?!

5.  Celebrating crafts and craftsmanship. Its been a long time coming and always makes an appearance in a trend report. But I think its here to stay in a big way. Perhaps its a new found appreciation for buying things we LOVE. With a longer life span that have a story to tell? Think earthen ware, rattan, pottery, hands-crafts from knitted goods to beautiful woven textiles. Natural resources from wood to stones celebrating their unique patina. Pieces that are made by hand and breathe and change whilst in our ownership.

6.  Tech is integral to a new renovation. If your your going right back to the bones of your property and doing a full renovation....think tech. Have a simple list of your past times, needs and requirements and engineer them into your scheme. This could be as simple as USB charging outlets (or at minimum a charging drawer...illiminate all of those leads and chargers), a boiling water tap (bye bye kettle) or a kettle that operates from your phone. Speakers mounted with purpose (and easy on the eye) into the ceiling/walls. Lighting and alarms operated from apps. This area of interior planning is changing on a daily basis...keep an eye on it and incorporate it into your new plans.

All items featured at the Houzz pop up are shopable here

Photo Credits: Born & Bred Studio