So heres the thing... particularly in big cities like London space is a premium. Children are sharing rooms with their siblings or parents are sharing rooms with there little babies. Renting is becoming more common obviously no surprise in a city were the average house price is £223,257 in the UK and £482,000 in London, but the average salary is £27,064 in UK and £35,149 in London.

Even on the bespoke projects we work on in large houses all the childrens rooms without exception have a reduced foot print to make room for an ensuite or office. 

But even in the smallest of spaces its wise to plan the space mentally whilst preparing a room make over. Zone the room into three areas Sleep, Play & Study (or changing area if a baby). Sleep area is obviously the bed or cot which ideally you want uncluttered and calm. Play is an area were you have the toys, seating/floor cushions and study a desk or reading corner. This allows you to map where you add a feature (which is a piece that will be around for a while thats more of an investment) like a fun bed, or wallpaper or a styling piece (which is more transient). Styling pieces are basically the childrens belongings. Amongst all the plastic there is mostly cool stuff! Lego, my little pony....find your inner child and embrace the plastic. Don't stuff all of it away in cartons. Display the kids collection wether it be books (Ikea ledges are great for that), diggers or lego. I recently done a presentation and I was amazed at the comments afterwards "you're so right about displaying their stuff I'm just so keen to store it after a long day". I totally get that and as busy parents theres no time for styling kiddie vignettes but if the toys have a home on display it can look pretty cool and serve a purpose. As can the childrens art..."Oh thats nice sweetheart another painting!!"....display a few in frames or if your not precious with a little washi tape. The space will soon become a wall of memories.  And after all thats what us parents are in the business of doing...making memories.

Have any questions?...drop me a line. Happy Planning!