Nursery & Kids Trends -Drawing Outside the Lines

So my clients requests usually fall into two very clear categories. I would like the room to have synergy with the remainder of the house OR just go for it their only kids once! I'm always so surprised at the refined taste levels and ideas the children have. Its rarely the children who want to embrace the nuts (seriously the taste level is very fine tuned - particularly in tween/teen stage).

However there is a major trend towards the emphasis on family, staying at home..embracing our surroundings. As parents we are in the business of creating memories after all. And what better way to do it than in our day to day surroundings.

I love this trend as its the home of the enthusiast, the collector. The displaying of collections (wether the robots below) or displaying kids artworks. As collections are so individual its not a look that can be duplicated from home to home. Also the use of building materials OSB, Ply ..even scaffolding poles and planks for shelving are great ideas for kids play rooms. The back drop is neutral as everything else 'sings' but I love the cheeky introduction of a little neon here and there to give a fun urban edge. This simple bed in honest materials with a hint of neon is perfect as is DIY colouring bag and fun posters from the likes of Go Outside the Lines.

Its really the perfect trend for a tween/teen or a fun playroom or section of a room. Go fourth and Go Outside the Lines!