Hello! Its been a while...its super busy here and obviously the blogging has slipped. But we are back with a super before and after. Because there is nothing better then seeing how far you have come. And even as an Interior Designer as soon as the big reveal is over I'm very guilty of forgetting how it looked. The process of planning, designing and building work can take months. Particularly in kitchens and bathrooms. Kids rooms are usually quicker to complete and have a big impact. Mainly as its so fun and its a huge tick off your to do list.

So today we're introducing the before and after of Gemma's room in central London. I LOVE this room. Its FUN and will take Gemma nicely from tween to teen. And quite frankly I think we could all benefit from waking up and nodding off to a dose of Beyonce advice. I also love the use of design classics. This is a great time to think longevity and a time where your child (or little adult) is not going to 'out grow' things. Splurge on the large pieces of furniture. Which she will probably will want to take to her first flat and save on the things that are of the moment (neon, cacti, hello kitty) and swap them in and out to update.


It s a great room in a beautiful house. What do you think? I actually think it could also be a great design for a spare room that doubles up as an office. The classic String Shelving is so versatile and can be added to depending on your changing needs. And whilst the Ouef bed is a single bed with a slick trudle it actually has the minimal feel of a day bed. A super stylish and functional space. Why would you ever move out?!!

PHOTO CREDITS : Anna Stathaki